If your basement of crawlspace takes on water and is often damp, give us a call and we will offer you solutions to make your water worries history.

We have been helping thousands of homeowners and companies solve all of their concrete problems for over thirty-five years. One of the most common problems facing homeowners and contractors alike is the foundation crack.

WHAT IS OUR METHOD OF REPAIR? A two part epoxy resin that is stronger than concrete.  Epoxy is injected into the crack to seal off water and strengthen the weakened concrete.

All concrete cracks; this is perfectly normal and in most cases easily repaired. The method we use and recommend is epoxy injection. Epoxy injection has a variety of uses and with experience is relatively easy to perform. Epoxy is essentially a high strength glue and the repair works on the premise that the epoxy is going to glue the crack back together, filling the void where water seepage can occur, as well as repairing the structure.

The crack is located, set-up and injected using ports, an interior surface seal and either a hand injection gun, or in more severe cases, an injection pump. Starting at the base of the crack, epoxy is injected until a "connection" is made; that is the epoxy has filled the void between the bottom port and the port immediately above it. This continues until the crack is completely full. The epoxy is chosen based on the width of the crack-, low, medium, or high viscosity glues.

We offer either a service or a Do-It-Yourself Kit for epoxy injection. If we perform the service it comes with a guarantee that is good for as long as the current resident owns the home and the guarantee is transferable if the house is sold. We couldn't offer this guarantee if the process didn't work as well as it does.